The London Spine Centre is an interdisciplinary group of providers that uses evidence-based care to help treat back, neck and other spinal conditions. Our physicians have extensive experience in treating and diagnosing spinal conditions, and our affiliate therapists focus on treating the physical and mental aspects of acute and chronic pain using best practice, with an emphasis on functional recovery and return to work.

Our Process

The London Spine Centre is a specialty clinic that uses evidence-based care pathways to help treat back, neck and other spinal conditions. We provide input for potential surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, as well as help with the mental aspect of having a debilitating injury. There are two ways of coming to the centre:

Physician/Surgeon Consultation

These visits require a referral from your family doctor. All physician services are OHIP covered.

Physiotherapy/Pain Management

Simply call our number to make an appointment with one of our therapists to get started on treatment right away. Our therapists and physicians meet biweekly to discuss active and complex cases. If there is something that needs to be assessed by one of our physicians then we will communicate with your family doctor to arrange a referral.

Our Services

Surgical Services

If your spinal issues are not responsive to non-operative management your case will be assessed to determine surgical candidacy. If you are a candidate, an appointment will be arranged with one of our surgeons.

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy services are provided by our affiliate providers at CBI Health, co-located at the centre. The therapists at the centre have a spine-specific focus and work closely with our physicians to achieve recovery objectives. An emphasis on an exercise-based program to help with pain is used to aid patients maximize their recovery. Post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation are also provided with defined programs specific for the patient’s surgery or injury.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services are provided by our affiliate providers at CBI Health, co-located at the centre. Workplace assessments, evaluations, functional abilities evaluations and cognitive-behavioural therapy services are provided.


Recovering from an injury or returning to work with a disability can be challenging, but we work with employees, employers and insurance providers to develop practical work entry or return to work strategies that are customized to suit individual needs.

Physician Assessment and Diagnostic Services

When cases are complex, our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians provide consultation and diagnostic services (EMG/NCS) to help pinpoint the source of your issues. They also help guide care and work hand-in-hand with both our surgical team as well as our physiotherapists to help return you to your best state of health possible.

Injection Services

Injections are a nonsurgical treatment option for back pain. We typically consider them as an option to treat back pain after a course of medications and/or physical therapy is completed, but before surgery is considered. Sometimes your physician at the centre will recommend an injection as a diagnostic tool to determine whether you will be a candidate for surgery or other pain procedure.

Research and Publications

The London Spine Research Program research group is a collaborative team of clinicians, engineers, scientists, and researchers striving to improve care, surgical outcomes and quality of life of patients with spinal disorders through translational basic science and clinical research.

Team Broken Earth Fundraising

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